Cable Management

Proper cable management is the lifeline of your network. Simple planning is the solution to preventing intermittent connectivity and data transmission issues.

CompuPat has the hardware and experience to assess your cabling needs, whether you are developing, upgrading, or moving your network. Many homeowners and companies are replacing or upgrading their data/voice lines to take advantage of the latest technology, including Gigabit and Voice Over IP technology.

Here are a few examples of what Cable Management services CompuPat can provide you with:

  • Coaxial/Copper Cable
  • Phone Room Installs and Extensions
  • Various Network Environments
  • Category 5, 5E, & 6 Cable & Technology
  • Cabling System Design and Architecture
  • Surge Protection
  • Wire Management


CompuPat will guide you in making the cabling decisions that work best for your internal and external networking needs, both data and telecom. Planning and documenting the cable structure of your network will maximize the overall efficiency and productivity of your network. CompuPat can assist you with considering your current and future business needs when planning the structure of your network.


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